Episode 4: Love for All the Mamas on Mother’s Day: How to Take Care of YOURSELF While You Care for Everyone Else


Mama Karen and her babies!


Today Gia and Karen celebrate Mother’s Day and salute all the amazing women who help nourish and nurture life on this planet! Karen shares some thoughts about her own journey being a Mom to Gia and Aaron and the blessings of motherhood. They also talk about:

  • the power of the mother-child bond (the strongest relationship we will experience in life)
  • how Moms may struggle to care for themselves while caring for everyone else
  • keeping exercise in balance by learning to listen to the body and not just the mind
  • what to do when there’s no time for self-nurturing
  • why Karen thinks Green Smoothies are magic (recipes below!)
  • how to take a “mini-vacation” within
  • how the mother-child relationship keeps evolving over time

Take the opportunity to love your Mom right now and to take good care of yourself – the world needs a healthy you!!

Get Karen’s Green Smoothie recipes here.

Gia’s blog: How to Take a Vacation Inside Yourself

Gia’s video: Self-Massage

We love you always!!! Please share the love and leave comments and reviews for us!! 


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