About Us


Gia George – The Daughter

Gia is a yoga & meditation instructor, singer-songwriter, energy worker, and spiritual visionary. She feels most passionate about helping others live presently, create wellness in the body and mind, and connect with the spirit. Through yoga, breathing practices, energy work, meditation, songs, and sound healing, Gia provides powerful, healing content to her audiences.  Learn more at DivinelyGia.com.

Karen Wyatt MD – The Mom

Karen is a family practice and hospice physician who retired from medical practice to start a new career as an author and speaker. She is the creator of End-of-Life University, an online interview series about the end-of-life, and the author of What Really Matters, a book of stories about hospice patients and the spiritual lessons she learned from them. Karen is passionate about teaching people how to live fully and love life! Learn more at KarenWyattmd.com


Mom and Daughter on a yoga retreat!