Episode 23: How to Hear Your Guidance (and follow it!)



Gia shares the “22 Pushup Challenge” to raise awareness for the 22 veterans who commit suicide every day. This campaign is to get people to offer more support and create more programs for veterans who are suffering from PTSD. Connect with Gia on Facebook if you would like to participate in the challenge (see the link below.)

In this episode Gia and Karen discuss the challenge of ¬†listening for and following Divine guidance. You’ll hear their own stories of learning how to hear guidance when it comes. They talk about:

  • the definition of guidance
  • how guidance often comes as small nudges rather than earth-shattering revelations
  • how to distinguish soul guidance from the worries of the mind
  • Tips for hearing your guidance:
    • recognize that guidance has a peaceful, soothing energy
    • true guidance brings clarity and a sense of inner knowing
    • directions are simple
    • keep an open and curious mind when receiving guidance
    • let go of attachments to the outcome and trust the guidance you have been given
    • have patience

We love you!! Remember to keep loving yourself!

Links for this episode:

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Gia and Karen